Too Late Neo Watches

Italian brand Too Late presents the Neo Watch for Spring/Summer 2011 – a monochrome bracelet style timepiece with a light-up LED face.
It’s not a watch, but rather a wristband that tells you the time. Neo is the digital projection of the time inside an innovative wristband. Too Late plays with the name to find unique experiences and alternative meanings Neo means “new”, but it’s the anagram of “one” as well: the One, the unique. The only bracelet which tells you the time in an emotional way, “Neo” because its neon colored: a touch of your finger can light it on.

“Neo” means “choosing the red pill” to go behind the appearances and see the light mirrored in the texture on your wrist. A wristband which disguises its own identity and becomes a digital watch telling you time and date, at your finger touch.
10 cool colors, digital time & date, LED display red, blue or green… which then goes off and turns back into your favorite wristband. Find the color that suits your mood, available at nano universe.