Indonesia’s fashion industry is growing incredibly fast. New designers and labels are popping up everyday, each with a different style and vision. To help online shoppers find the right local and affordable styles, has just officially launched its it’s shopping site.


The concept of this new online shopping venture is to showcase the uniqueness of each brand. The Web site is designed like a mall, where netizens will find a different ambience every time they click on a label. There are also detailed description of each item, so visitors can easily decide what to buy.


“Lately, local brands are developing very quickly, and many of them are actually owned by people in our circle of friends,” said Filia Dewi Arga, site co-founder and chief strategic officer. “That’s why we created a place for local designers to sell their brands and compete in the fashion world.”


Currently, is home to 42 local brands. The labels include Cotton Candy, Good Fellas, Sweet Peony, Nipmuc Jeans, and Retail Therapy. The site is still being worked on and more brands will be featured in the future.


“We don’t have specific criteria for brands that would like to join the venture, but we want brands that aim to be sustainable,” Filia said. “We avoid brands that look like they will only be around for a short period of time and don’t have any future plans.”


Designers who want to register their brands at can send a message to the team and schedule a meeting. If approved, the team will design a page for the label, incorporating the label’s image and individuality.


The online venture also has a blog and a monthly e-magazine.


“The idea behind the blog and the e-magazine is to provide the public with news on the latest trends and development of Indonesia’s fashion industry,” Filia said.


All purchases can be paid via bank transfer to BCA, Mandiri and BNI, as well as PayPal. All orders made before 9 a.m. are processed on the same day, otherwise it will be carried out the next day. Orders from outside of the capital will take 2-3 days to arrive. is having a soft-launching promotion until Dec. 4 with some brands offering discounts. Participating brands include I. K. Y. K, Manjze, House of Vai, Allura, Cocoon, Kleio, Mithras, Idiots, Selittoes, Odeoni, Karma, Rokka, Leaff, Hurrycane, Al Terego and Needle Tales.


“If visitors can’t find a specific size, they can e-mail us for a pre-order,” Filia said.


You can visit the LocalBrand's booth at Indonesian Blogger Fest at Rasuna Epicentrum on Dec. 3 and catch a mini fashion show featuring the registered brands.